7 Simple Pathways To Authenticity After 40

“I’m not happy.”

Many professionally and financially successful men struggle with admitting these three little words.

They’ve checked all the boxes they’ve spent their lives pursuing, yet life is lacking. What used to make them happy doesn’t provide the same rush anymore.

It’s confusing as all hell because they did everything “right,” and what used to work no longer does, but it’s what they know. 

As men age, our desires evolve, but our actions don’t.

We keep doing what we’ve done because it got us where we are, and it’s what’s comfortable.

Here’s the thing we need to understand as we age and our inner desires evolve:

Comfort and complacency don’t fill our soul’s bank account. 

One of the keys to an extraordinary second act is progressively increasing our personal freedom.

We find that freedom on the other side of comfort and complacency. 

The fact is, the mindset that got us where we are will not get us where we want to go next. 

We have to shift our thinking to shift our lives, and midlife is the ideal time because:

Midlife can be a crisis.


This is an opportunity to connect with your purpose, unleash your potential, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

The most effective way I know to transform midlife into an opportunity for growth comes from Lao Tzu,

“Knowing yourself is intelligence;

knowing yourself is true wisdom.”

You must connect with your authentic self to set yourself up for second-act success.

Here are 7 practices you can start today:

  1. Journal
  2. Meditate
  3. Get into nature
  4. Break your patterns
  5. Express gratitude daily 
  6. Understand your fears and beliefs
  7. Cultivate clarity on your dream second act

Your second act starts from within; these 7 simple steps will get you on your way to authenticity after 40.

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