My Story

I f*cked up; you don’t have to.

I spent the 1st half of my life chasing all the boxes I was conditioned to check: job title, money, and status.

The reality is: I was chasing acceptance, self-worth, and knowing I was enough. I was chasing a life blueprint that wasn’t my own. I was chasing in a race that could never be won. I chased all the way to federal prison, a two-year sentence for defrauding a tech giant.

The funny thing about chasing, it’s forward motion that cuts two ways. I was moving towards something as much as I was moving away from something.

But what was I moving away from?It’s taken many years of journaling, self-inquiry, exploration, and, quite frankly, stopping long enough to turn around to look at what I was running from.

The answer stings, and it’s what most of us spend our lives running from: myself.I was running from who I am at my core, who I was meant to be, and I’m here.I was running from my Life’s Calling.

By running from myself and my Life’s Calling, I was creating a success-sized hole in the middle of my life. No amount of money, status, or prestige would ever fill that hole.

But, I was so damn scared of pursuing what I really wanted in life, I was so damn scared of asking for what I needed, and I was so damn scared of giving up everything I worked so hard for so I self-sabotaged in the grandest fashion, violating my values and committing fraud. 

I lost everything and had to reinvent myself from scratch.

It’s been almost a decade of reinventing and helping others do the same, and I discovered another way: reinventing my role from chaser to creator was my path to mission, purpose, meaning, and ultimately, self-acceptance and personal freedom.  

Today, I’m a Reinvention Architect & Mindset Coach, TEDx/Keynote Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. I specialize in helping people break free from autopilot, reach their full potential, and become the author of their extraordinary life stories so they can fill the success-sized hole without giving up everything they’ve fought so hard to build.

Want to stop chasing stuff and start creating meaning?