The Journey to Extraordinary: Embracing Small Steps for Big Changes

What if I told you that your impatience is the thief of your dreams?

An extraordinary life, a rich life, a deep life, a life of meaning doesn’t happen overnight.⁣

It takes time. ⁣

One of your biggest obstacles in creating the extraordinary will be your impatience. ⁣

The impatience is directly tied to the outcome and what you’re making that outcome mean. ⁣

It’s a false belief that when you achieve X, then you’ll be happy. ⁣

This impatience will thwart your journey; fortunately, there’s an easy solution to work around it. ⁣

Having an easy-to-follow and executable plan defeats impatience. ⁣

The essentials of an executable plan?⁣

✔️ Clarity: Crystal Clear Clarity on what an extraordinary life means to you. ⁣

✔️ Baby Steps: What is the next smallest step you can take towards this?⁣

✔️ Decision: Deciding that you will take this next smallest step. There is an unbelievable amount of energy in making a decision—leverage that energy. ⁣

✔️ DCCA: Deliberate, Committed, Consistent Action. Make it real; put it in your calendar. If you miss a day because of unexpected events, give yourself grace and compassion to know that’s ok.⁣

If you skip a day out of fear, give yourself grace and compassion and get curious about what that fear tells you. ⁣

✔️ Non-Attachment: Understand that you have an outcome you’re moving towards, but let go of that outcome. Focus on the baby steps, focus on the journey. ⁣

Patience will be critical in creating the extraordinary; following the framework above will facilitate that patience.⁣