Drop The Outcome, Focus On The Process

Here’s the biggest mistake my clients initially make.

(and the simple and effective mindset shift to counter it).

My clients have achieved professional and material success, but now, at the midpoint of their lives,

  • They have a success-sized hole and feel empty.
  • They know they’re leaving the best parts of themselves untapped.
  • They have a burning desire to connect with their purpose and unleash their potential so they can cultivate meaning and fulfillment and reduce their regrets.

Here’s the mistake:

  • They believe their purpose must replace their paycheck.

How will writing, craftsmanship, or entrepreneurship replace generous six-figure salaries?

Why this is a massive mistake:

Believing your purpose must replace your paycheck will kill your dreams.

It’s too much pressure.

Exploring, discovering, and connecting with your purpose requires the antithesis of pressure.

How we break from this belief:

High performers focus on the outcome. It’s what they’ve always done and how they’re measured in their career. 

They have what I call: 

OOM (Outcome Orientated Mindset)

That’s awesome; it got them where they are.

But it won’t get them where they want to go.

Your journey to purpose requires what I call:

POM (Process Orientated Mindset)

When it comes to crafting your remarkable second act, you must reframe your mindset to focus on the process, not the outcome. 

The simplest way to do this is to connect with the:

  • Joy
  • Clarity
  • Meaning
  • Fulfillment
  • Sense of purpose
  • Sense of direction

You experience from taking consistent action toward your destination.

Shift your focus, change your life. 

I’m opening (2) Midlife Mastery Coaching slots in March. If you’re serious about setting yourself up for second-act success, let’s talk.