Mastering Midlife: How Self-Commitment Leads to Unprecedented Growth

The fastest path to self-trust (and the extraordinary) I know:

Make and keep commitments to yourself.


I commit to working on my novel 3x this week.

Set yourself up for success: 

✔️ Schedule it in your calendar.

✔️ Review your calendar at night so you prime yourself for tomorrow.

✔️ Write your commitment on a Post-it and place it where you will see it regularly.

✔️ Practice connecting with your “Why?” Why are you committing to this project? Why is it important to you?

When you keep your commitment, celebrate yourself.

Pat yourself on the back, throw a fist pump in the air, or treat yourself to something you like.

Celebration ignites your body’s natural reward system (dopamine).

When you continually make and keep commitments and then celebrate yourself:

– You live expansively.

– You cultivate deep self-trust.

– You master midlife and set yourself up for a remarkable second act. 

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